Miss & Mr Multicultural Australia is one of many pageants in Australia that is based on celebrating all the various cultures and backgrounds of the contestants, and showcasing the beauty in human diversity, as per our theme “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”.

Miss & Mr Multicultural Australia pageants combine pageantry, beauty, culture, education, and personal backgrounds, whilst providing a platform that helps bridge the gaps between the various communities, through the diversity of culture.


Miss & Mr Multicultural Australia theme of “UNITY IN DIVERSITY” is designed to help be effective in solving various social problems caused by unfamiliarity. This is possible because the more diverse people get to know each other, the more the chance this will increase mutual respect among the people.

Diversity inspires cultural growth and makes society richer. When a community has people of different backgrounds, beliefs and skills, each person can contribute their unique story to make a greater community.

By embracing ethnic diversity, we can make people feel comfortable in their skin, because they see themselves represented. It makes the world a better place.

Diversity promotes cooperation and getting along with each other reduces conflict and tension in the world.

“If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity”.

John F. Kennedy


Miss & Mr Multicultural Australia is presented by Australian Pageant and Fashion Runway. Australian Pageant and Fashion Runway is owned and operated by Veronica Charlton and her husband.

Australian Pageant and Fashion Runway is an organisation that will hosting many exciting events in Australia, not only hosting Pageants but also will be hosting an Australian Model Hunt, and Australian Fashion Runway.

Veronica is married with 1 child and currently lives in Brisbane, Queensland. Veronica, originally from Jakarta Indonesia, moved to Australia in 1997. She first came to Australia on holiday with her family, then returning to Sydney to continue her university studies.

Veronica was born to mix parents. Her mother is Chinese/Indonesian, and her father is Dutch/Indonesian. So, Veronica has grown up in a multicultural family.

Veronica started her modelling career in high school at only 15 years of age and she has completed many photoshoots and fashion runways. She also competed in various modelling competition.

She continued her dedication and contributions to the fashion industry until she was in her early 20’s when she started competing in beauty pageants.  Veronica was very successful and in fact was a finalist in the Miss Jakarta pageant and went on to be a finalist in the Miss Indonesia pageant.

This led to a very successful career doing exhibitions and promotional work for multinational companies such as Unilever, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Isuzu. This included a sales representative promotional career for many national Indonesian companies.

Since successfully completing her university degrees in Hospitality Management. Veronica subsequently moved to Australia to continue her study in Information Technology. She has worked in numerous hotel hospitality industry such as managing the Sydney Showboat in Darling Harbour, Sydney and many years working in Banking with both the Commonwealth Bank and Suncorp.

More recently Veronica has been very successful in owning, managing, and operating her own businesses, again primarily in the hotel, hospitality, and sales industry here in Australia and Indonesia.

Having never lost her passion for the pageant fashion and modelling industry, she has now decided to commence her own pageants here in Australia.

Veronica strives to be an industry leader in her field bringing cultural awareness to all, sharing the unique, diverse people, and lifestyle and that is “Australia”.